/ Konacha, Tea It is so delicious that it can be consumed all on its own, without any sweeteners as there is no bitterness, only a deep vegetal - almost "salty" - note (which I … sweet even if prepared with hot water. Learn more All Standard 140°F Cold brew Boiling 212°F Gift Character. Less than half of one percent of all Japanese green tea ends up as gyokuro. Gyokuro (Japanese: 玉 露, "jade dew") is a type of shaded green tea from Japan. We love its tea oil and chlorophyll notes. Gyokuro production originated in Uji Excellent climate and ideal conditions make Uji famous for cultivating the finest gyokuro teas! The tea leaves are cultivated using a special method where the young leaves are shaded from direct sunlight for around twenty days. Gyokuro is the highest grade of Japanese tea available and is characterized by its fine green color, rich aroma and mellow sweet flavor. we would recommend. Deze Japanse cultuurvariëteit heeft kleine bladeren die groene thee opleveren met een opvallend zoete smaak. tea with a classic sweet Gyokuro flavor and a very subdued and mellow astringency. He succeeded in his endeavours, with Gyokuro Tea now popular around the world. It is a better quality While the young leaves of the spring season develop, the tea plants are shaded from sun for several weeks. It has a delicate sweetness and a high L-theanine antioxidant content. Have you tried Gyokuro? The best one I’ve tasted outside of Japan is this Uji Gyokuro from Art of Tea . Quick view Compare Choose Options. Buy Authentic Premium Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea online today. Japanese Green Tea Company (1-800-380-7030) provides customers in the USA with fresh, healthy, and high-grade green tea from Japan. Please use cooler water (50 Click to get a sample To fully savor this precious tea, take a small sip and allow the Gyokuro to linger on your palate to sense its aroma and sweetness. Shading is usually done through dark plastic sheet, but in Yame, traditional farmers will use natural rice straw to make ‘Dento Hon Gyokuro’, the highest label of quality. Gyokuro is shaded longer than kabuse tea (lit., "covered tea"). means 'Southern Zen' referring to the calm back country of Southern Japan. to enjoy the delicious balance of extremely mellow astringency blended with the Check out our gyokuro tea set selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. For demanding connoisseurs. Buy gyokuro green tea … Matcha Bowl, Yamashita's It is lightly Details. This tea posseses Brew Type. Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea DESCRIPTION Our Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea is rich, almost full-bodied, smooth taste with sweet ending and complex notes. A stunning premium Yame dento hon gyokuro, with complex and enveloping notes of miso and nori with hints of citrus and nasturtium. a city near Kyoto is considered the 'capital of tea' in Japan. Personally, I prefer to buy from specialty tea shops online, especially for a high quality tea like gyokuro. Enjoy Yame produces the highest quality gyokuro of the country, called Dento Hon Gyokuro. First Picked Tea 2020 Has Arrived -Shincha Season-May is the season of Shincha, the first picked tea of the year. A rare competition grade dento hon gyokuro from Yame. Gyokuro - The finest green tea one can purchase. for Maccha, Please I prefer resealable packaging in order to keep the tea fresh but thankfully I had a bag sealer stick ready to use. A unique organic gyokuro with aromatic notes of wildflowers and dried honey that balance with refined notes of steamed asparagus.